Working with one of the UK’s top data agencies.

Ginger Black came to us as one of the fastest growing data agencies in the UK, but without a credible online presence.

The brief was simple (well actually not that simple), to give the brand a website that they could be proud of, that their customers could relate to and they could convey their very detailed and convoluted service offering!

Web Design Essex | Web Wonderland
Web Design Essex | Web Wonderland


The site had to be fun but incredibly informative. To provide succinct information to a user that didn’t necessarily know they needed their services.

Video content was key to the brand, alongside infographics and content rich drop downs to make the experience a lot more user friendly and to not bombard the customer.

The result is an initial light touch introduction, coupled with in-depth service detail if required via multiple drop down click throughs

Take a look for yourself:


Understanding the client’s service offering was key to being able to convey this on the site itself, they offer a lot of different services so it was key to inform a new customer of who Ginger Black were and what they do.

Offering a bespoke copy writing service for the client was to ensure the copy was as light as possible and explain the services to a user that wasn’t familiar to the market.

Web Design Essex | Web Wonderland
Web Design Essex | Web Wonderland

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